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Welcome to EmailAfter

EmailAfter is a website that allows you to send emails to the future. The platform is easy to use and you can send emails to a specific date in the future, so that the recipient receives it on that specific date.


Our Letter to the Future Free plan gives you the opportunity to send messages to the future for free.

Start building your legacy at no cost!

Discover the power of preserving your thoughts, dreams and desires in the future with our Letter to the Future Premium plan.

Ready to take your messages to the next level?

  • Service

  • Our service was created to guarantee 100% delivery of your message.
  • The security of your message is a critical consideration, especially when sharing personal information.
  • On other email providers, where messages are stored locally on your device, there is a possibility that if the message is confidential, the content of the email is potentially exposed to anyone accessing your mobile.
  • Additionally, if you log out of your email provider, turn off your computer or your mobile, the message will not be sent.
  • The difference with EmailAfter is that the message will be delivered according to your instructions. This is because we do not depend on the mail being physically present on your device for delivery.
  • Commitment

• Our mission is to deliver your email.
• Private and secure.
• Totally confidential.
• The email will be delivered on the date decided by the client to all recipients.
• The client will receive the message in Hidden Copy.

  • Security

  • We are the custodians of the message.
  • The system is completely automated and guarantees the sending of emails until the year 2050, regardless of whether the website management company still exists or not.
  • This platform prioritizes the security and privacy of your data at every stage of the process.
  • Our website includes HTTPS access and an SSL certificate. It is a security protocol that ensures that your data travels completely and safely. The transmission of data between a server and web user, and in feedback, is fully encrypted or encrypted.