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EmailAfter Presentation.

It is a pleasure to share with you a truly innovative tool.

It is a platform that allows you to schedule the sending of emails in the future.

This tool gives you the ability to compose messages that will be delivered at specific times, you can even attach files and send them to up to 10 recipients.

The security of your message is a critical consideration, especially when sharing personal information.

On other email providers, where messages are stored locally on your device, there is a possibility that if the message is confidential, the content of the email is potentially exposed to anyone accessing your mobile.

Additionally, if you log out of your email provider, turn off your computer or your mobile, the message will not be sent.

The difference with EmailAfter is that the message will be delivered according to your instructions. This is because we do not depend on the mail being physically present on your device for delivery.

This platform prioritizes the security and privacy of your data at every stage of the process.

I invite you to explore this fascinating tool at

Its intuitive interface and focus on protecting your data make it a compelling option.

Do not hesitate to take a moment to learn about all its possibilities.


If you want to make sure your thoughts and emotions are delivered to the right people at the right time, we invite you to use EmailAfter to write your email into the future.

This innovative tool will help you keep your voice alive in the future and share your wisdom and knowledge with generations to come.

With EmailAfter everything is possible!
EmailAfter Team