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“Email Letter to the Future”

We have created this group with a clear objective:

To encourage reflection and creativity to build a valuable historical record of messages written by each of you, “the users”, intended for future generations.

In this space, we share our thoughts and opinions on various topics that concern us, from society and technology to the environment and much more.

We want these ideas to be read by those who will come after us, so that they have an authentic and detailed vision of our time.

Imagine that some users share stories about daily life in their countries, while others write about their work, studies, or personal relationships.

Some messages could be addressed to humanity in general, expressing wishes, dreams, concerns or hopes for the future.

The purpose is to create a website that functions as a historical archive, where all these messages are carefully collected and organized by topics, dates and countries, so that future generations can easily access the information that interests them most.

We propose these inspiring examples to address a wide variety of topics:

  1. By sharing our personal experiences and experiences, we offer future generations an authentic vision of life in our time.
  2. We transmit messages of hope and optimism towards the future, so that they understand that there have always been people committed to improving the world, despite the obstacles.
  3. In the same way we will show the artistic and cultural expressions of our era, such as art, music, cinema and literature, to make our creativity and artistic expression known.
  4. At the same time we will write about the importance of preserving the environment, so that future generations understand how we confront climate change and protect our planet.
  5. We speak out about the educational approaches and learning methods of our time, so that you know how knowledge was transmitted and new generations were formed.
  6. We send messages of love and solidarity, so that it is understood that there have always been people working for unity and peace, despite the differences.
  7. We make known our traditions, festivities and customs, so that you know how we celebrated and lived our lives.
  8. We show the scientific and technological advances of our time, so that you can see how humanity advanced in these fields.
  9. We will reflect on current social problems, so that you can understand how we faced these challenges in our time.

It is interesting to be part of this project that transcends time, leaving a valuable and first-hand mark for future generations.

We invite you to share your current and past experiences, leaving your testimony for the future.

Facebook Group

Imagine the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on history, to share your deepest thoughts, worldviews and experiences with those who will come after us.

This “Email Carta al Futuro” group

is a space where you can express yourself freely and be part of an inspiring movement.


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