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Free Plan

Free Plan

Connect with the Future! Discover the New    Free Plan

Attention all dreamers, visionaries and nostalgia lovers!

We are excited to present the launch of’s Free Plan, the platform that allows you to send letters to the future for free.

Have you ever wanted to send a message to your future self? Or celebrate special occasions with a touch of anticipation? With the Free Plan from, it is now possible.

This revolutionary plan offers you the opportunity to:

Unlimited sending of emails (letters to the future):

Do you have something important to say to your future self or a loved one? With our free plan, you can send as many letters as you want, without limits.

Schedule delivery on specific dates:

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other important events by sending your congratulations in advance. Surprise your loved ones with messages that will arrive at the perfect time!

Leave a legacy:

Send messages to your boyfriend, husband, children, grandchildren or loved ones so they can receive them when the time is right.

How to start:

Create your first letter by selecting the delivery date and writing your message.

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Ready to send a message to the future?

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your future self and make your words last forever and start your journey towards tomorrow with our Free Plan.

Do not wait more! The future is waiting for you.


If you want to make sure your thoughts and emotions are delivered to the right people at the right time, we invite you to use to write your email into the future.

This innovative tool will help you keep your voice alive in the future and share your wisdom and knowledge with generations to come.

With EmailAfter everything is possible!
EmailAfter Team