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“Questions and Answers”

Except for those cases in which there are unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, (see Legal Notice, article 11, Force Majeure), if for any reason, it was attributable to EmailAfter and could not meet the contracted delivery date, EmailAfter will use all means reasonable to find a solution that allows us to fulfill our obligations by performing the service as soon as possible.

If the user considers that the delay is undue and, in any case, before the maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the contracted service is considered terminated; EmailAfter will reimburse the total amount paid.

The client may modify the date of sending his message, notifying us 30 days prior to the expiration of the service.

See: Point (F) of the General Contract Conditions.

Yes, you can cancel the service. The User, as a consumer and user, makes a purchase on the “Website” and, therefore, has the right to withdraw from said purchase within a period of 14 calendar days without the need for justification. EEA Legal Regulations As of May 28, 2022, the EEA Consumer Protection Act gives you the right to withdraw from this contract.

Read more: Point 7. Right of Withdrawal. In our General Contract Conditions.

•You can attach up to 10 files such as photos, word, video, audio etc.
•Supported extensions: doc docx txt pdf jpg jpeg png gif bmp mp3 ogg m4a wav avi mp4 wmv ppsx xlsx rar zip.
• Attachments maximum 20 Megabytes in total.

The client will be able to send said email, up to 10 recipients, the first of them will be located in the “To” section, in the remaining 9 you can choose if it goes in the “cc” section (with a copy), in “bcc” (with a blind copy ) or in «For». In addition, the client, as a rule, will receive the message in “bcc”.

Your Personal Data will be processed by authorized personnel depending on the specific purposes for which your Personal Data was collected (for example: our customer service staff will have limited access to your customer record).

Data Security: We apply appropriate technical and organizational measures proportional to the risks to ensure that your data does not suffer damage, such as unauthorized disclosure or access, accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss or alteration and any other form of illicit treatment.

The accepted means of payment will be: Credit or debit card.
They are only used in the virtual POS (Point of Sale Terminal) of our financial institution, through its secure payment gateway. Credit card details are not recorded in any EmailAfter database.

We are the custodians of the message. Our system is fully automated and guarantees the delivery of emails. Safety is a priority in our company.
On our website, we have implemented HTTPS access and an SSL certificate. This security protocol ensures that your data travels in an integral and secure manner. The transmission of the data between a server and the web user, as well as the feedback, is completely encrypted or encrypted, providing greater protection to your information.

I inform you that the data you provide us is located on the SiteGround Spain S.L. server, with the Email: legal@siteground.com provider of EmailAfter. The purpose of this data processing is the hosting of our web server and our databases, as well as the creation of a backup copy of them.

We never share our users’ personal information with anyone, except to comply with the law or in case we have your express authorization.

In the case of minors under 18 years of age, the consent of their parents or guardians is required for the processing of their personal data.
In no case will data related to the professional, economic situation or the privacy of the other family members be collected from the minor, without their consent.

The message submission form is done, like a commonly used email template. It is very simple and easy to use.
We have prepared a complete video about the message submission form.
The link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yn5pci73pvg

EmailAfter (https://emailafter.com/) is a web page that allows you to send emails into the future. The platform is easy to use and you can send emails to a specific date in the future, so that the recipient receives it on that specific date.

In addition, the fact of being regulated by the regulations of the email service guarantees the reliability and security in the delivery of the messages, which is essential to ensure that the communication reaches its recipient without problems.

Read more in the “General contracting conditions.”

The 100% guarantee on message delivery and the elimination of worries related to technical issues or device availability make this platform an attractive option for those who want to ensure that their scheduled messages reach their destination without problems.

Read more in the «General contract conditions. Points (5.2 and 5.3)”

Whether you are sharing relevant information on a sensitive topic, it is essential to consider the security of your message.

On other email servers, your message is stored locally on your computer or mobile device, meaning the content of the email is visible to anyone who can access your device. Additionally, if you log out of your email provider, turn off your computer, or lock your phone, the message will not be sent.

Our mission is to ensure the delivery of your email in a private, secure and completely confidential manner. We promise to deliver the email to all recipients on the date you decide. In addition, to ensure their privacy, the customer will also receive a blind copy of the message. We are here to provide a reliable service and protect your personal data at all times.

Regarding the question about whether there are limits to future dates, the system is completely automated and guarantees the sending of emails until the year 2050, regardless of whether the company operating the website is still in existence or not.