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In a World of Risks

Writing an Email to the Future: In a World of Risks

In a World of Risks, why would a professional who works in a high-risk profession, such as firefighters, soldiers, or emergency medical personnel, write an email to the future?

Facing everyday risks.

Leads us to reflect on the importance of leaving a legacy for our loved ones and ensuring that they understand our wishes and goals in case something unexpected happens in the course of our work.

An Email to the Future with Meaning

Becomes a powerful way to process the risks and stress inherent in our profession.

In addition to being a means to transmit a message of love and hope to those we value most.

 In this email, we can include:

  • Wishes and Goals for Our Loved Ones:

Share our hopes for family and loved ones, including plans for the future and the desire to be present at important moments in their lives.

  • Significant Memories and Anecdotes:

Narrate special memories and anecdotes from our life and work, so that they can be shared with our loved ones in case something happens to us.

  • Messages of Love and Affection:

Leave messages of love and affection for our loved ones, so that they know that we will always be with them, even if we are not physically present.

  • Instructions for Care and Financial and Legal Legacy:

Provide clear instructions on how to care for our family and manage legal and financial aspects on our behalf.

Process Emotions and Find Peace

Writing an email to the future can also be a valuable way to process feelings and thoughts related to the risks inherent in our profession.

It helps us find a sense of peace and resolution, even in unexpected situations.

As professionals in high-risk professions, we understand that every day is an opportunity to make a difference in the world, but we also know that the future is uncertain.

Writing an email to the future becomes a powerful tool that motivates us, reminds us of our goals, and helps us stay focused on our path.


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This innovative tool will help you keep your voice alive in the future and share your wisdom and knowledge with generations to come.

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